Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dhoni gifts gloves to Akshay Kumar

Dhoni gifts gloves to Akshay Kumar!

The India captain gifted the actor the gloves he wore in the match against Pakistan
Akshay Kumar is over the moon after having received a special pair of gloves from Team India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, after India beat Pakistan in the Asia Cup match in Bangladesh on Saturday.

Says a source, "Akshay is a huge cricket fan, but few know that he's also a big fan of Dhoni. He feels MSD is the best thing to have happened to Indian cricket in a long time. Akki has never met Dhoni, so when he had the chance to meet the Team India captain in Bangladesh while promoting his next release there, Akshay jumped at it. After he gave Virat Kohli the Man of the Match trophy, he congratulated Dhoni on the victory. He told him that it was a superb match for India, especially as it was a difficult target to chase. He also mentioned that he's a big fan. Little did he know that Dhoni would be gifting him his gloves later that night."

Dhoni sent his victory gloves to Akshay's hotel along with a 'Thank You' note. "When India was facing a crisis during the Australian series, Akshay was one of the few stars who actively came out in support of Dhoni on his social networking page. This was after the Indian captain received criticism over his bad performance. Akshay posted (sic): "Dhoni, don't worry, true lovers of Indian cricket are behind you in every step of the way man. Everyone's gotta hit Rock Bottom, it's the only way one can storm it back to the Top... just think about the series, day by day, dear friend. Everything else comes later dude..." After Akshay got the gloves from Dhoni, he called him up and thanked him for the generous gift."

Now, Akshay plans to gift the gloves to his son Aarav after he returns from Bangladesh. "Akshay was keen for Aarav to travel with him for the match, but when he couldn't because of school, the actor waved flags at the match which read: 'I Love Cricket But I Love My Son More' and 'I Love my Niece More Than John Loves His Muscles'. Aarav will be thrilled to get Dhoni's gloves, as he loves cricket as much as his father."

sources from: Tha times of india    

Monday, 19 March 2012

Salman Rushdie was extremely charming: Kangana

Salman Rushdie was extremely charming: Kangana

After Salman Khan, it's controversial author Salman Rushdie who Kangana Ranaut has now befriended. 

At a recently concluded conclave, Rushdie congratulated her on the debate at the sit-down dinner after the conclave. The noted novelist had specially flown in for the event.

A source close to the actress notes, "Few people know that Kangana suffers from stage fright and it takes her hours to rehearse for speeches. Also those who thought that the actress needs to fine-tune her oratory and English-speaking skills would have been impressed to hear her speak. She also answered questions from a live audience wittily. The topic was: Do stars need to be good actors? Rushdie was overheard discussing some of the points she made at the after-party." He engaged her in an intense 20-minute discussion with her.

Incidentally, she has read his novel Midnight's Children, and was offered the female lead in the film based on the book by Deepa Mehta. The source reveals, "They talked about that film too. He also shared with her his hopes that the film version of Midnight's Children would be allowed in India and discussed the casting."

Kangs says, "Mr. Rushdie was extremely charming and chivalrous. We discussed cinema and his upcoming project among other things."

sources from: Tha times of india  

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